We appreciate any donations to our projects. We continue to work on several areas.

  1. We plan to create world class, funny cartoons that address the same evangelistic and apologetics topics we have provided for youth and adults.
  2. We plan to create tools to assist parents to incorporate Christian devotions in the home.
  3. We plan to develop tactful but truthful comparisons of World Religions as compare with Christianity.
  4. We plan to have courses available for Bible Interpretation techniques, a study of the original Biblical languages and hermeneutics.
  5. We plan to develop additional videos on various topics based upon questions that we find through e-mail requests and frequent topics on our message board forum.
  6. We will create advanced evangelism and discipleship training videos.

We need new server computers, special software, new cameras, additional audio equipment, special training, and additional staff to complete these goals as quick as possible.

We are a Christian Church and all donations are tax deductible.